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Let Toni Chiovatero be your Guide so you can Love where you Live.

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The Home Buying Process

So you want to buy a home. Easy right?
You may have heard that the market has changed in the last few years.
Do you know what that means?

Here is a quick break down of the process in two phases.

Buying Process - PHASE 1

Toni Chiovatero will be very involved with you throughout the whole process. You will get guided expertise every step of the way. You will always know where you are in the process and what the next steps will be.

Getting Started and Under Contract


1. Pick your Agent

Not all agents are the same. Toni vows to be someone that will go the extra mile for you, will be knowledgeable and will make the process as easy and as smooth as possible.

With her background in Architecture and Design, she knows how to spot the gems and the ones you should run from. Let her expertise work for you.

Once you have decided on Toni, there are some initial documents to fill out in order for her to represent you fully.

Real Estate Contract with Pen and Calculator

2. Pre-Approval

Getting pre-approved prior to beginning your property search will allow you to determine what you can comfortably afford and will allow us to move quickly once we find the right home.

  • Pre-approval shows that you are a serious buyer

  • Pre-Approval is required to be submitted with the offer by many sellers (unless you are a CASH buyer).

  • There are other programs to discuss with you that you can take advantage of.

Toni can recommend lenders that will suit your specific needs.

Let’s discuss what makes sense for you!

House Viewing

4. Select & View Properties

  • All brokers have access to the same information - Toni can offer you a lot more than sending you property feeds including Off-Market Listings.

  • Tired of getting Realtor Feeds, Toni offers curated lists so you aren't wasting time looking at properties that are not a match for you.

  • If you see a home on a website, at an open house, at a new construction development, etc... CONTACT TONI FIRST! It is no cost to you to use her expertise in the transaction. 

  • Our average buyer looks at 20+ properties before finding the right one. Sometimes it takes shorter and sometimes it takes longer.

  • Communication is key to finding the right property.

Sometimes priorities shift during the search-that is NORMAL. Toni is patient and will take as much time as needed to find the property of your dreams. She is always informative and never pushy.


5. Submit an Offer

  • Toni is prepared to move quickly once you have found the right property.

  • Understanding a Seller’s Market vs. Buyer’s Market & our Current Market is essential. She will inform you of the differences and how to use this to your advantage.

  • Understanding the nuances of the deal can be helpful. Toni is a great resource to find out as much information as possible on the property.

  • Toni knows how to advise you on special stipulations that can be written into the contract to help you Win an offer and Protect yourself.


3. Needs Analysis

  • Is this a Personal Primary Residence or a Secondary Residence?

  • Is this for an Investment Property?

  • Short Term Rental / Long Term Rental?

  • What are your top 5 desires?

  • What are features you don't like?

  • What are your “must haves"?

  • When are you wanting to move?

  • Are you moving from Out of State?

  • Do you understand the nuances of Georgia compared to other states?

  • Toni can help you find what you want even if you don't know your exact criteria right off the bat.


6. Negotiate

After the offer is presented to the listing agent, it will either be

Accepted, Rejected, or the seller will make a Counter-Offer

Toni will advise you all along the way. She will keep you informed and will use her expert knowledge of the market & savvy negotiating skills to assist you in gaining the most favorable terms of the contract on

your behalf.

After your contract has been accepted, you move into this phase. Toni Chiovatero will be with you all along and won't hand this portion of the process off to a Coordinator or an Assistant.

Buying Process - PHASE 2

Contract to Close


7. Conduct Inspections

Once the seller has accepted your offer to purchase their property, it is time to bring in professional inspectors to ensure the property meets your standards. Any serious issues that arise will be brought to the attention of the seller and I will help you negotiate the noted repairs.

Toni's background allows her to fully understand the inspection report and know how to advise you how to best respond.


8. Remove Contingencies

  • Financing Contingency - If you are financing the purchase, the contract can state that it is contingent on your ability to obtain financing.

  • Appraisal Contingency -The contract can state that the property needs to appraise for the purchase price or an other negotiated amount.

  • Home Sale Contingency - Needing to sell your current home in order to buy. There are programs that can help you avoid this if desired.


9. Financing

  • Underwriting

  • Survey-not required in GA but a good idea to get

  • Appraisal

  • Insurance

Toni has vetted vendors to help with every step of the process.


10. Conduct Title Search

  • Remove any encumbrances

  • Obtain "optional" title insurance


11. Clear to Close

  • Receive Loan Disclosures


12. Final Walk Through

  • Attend with Toni to make sure the property is in the same condition as when contract began.


13. Close on Property

  • Will be held at the Attorney's office specified on the Purchase & Sale Contract

Take possession of your New Property!

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