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Let Toni Chiovatero be your Guide so you can Make more Money.

Want to know what your home value is today?
Want to sell your house yourself? I can help you with that too!

The Home Selling Process

Toni Chiovatero knows what it takes to get your home SOLD. 
Her expertise will work for you to offer extra services that are not typical.
Here is a quick break down of the Special Listing Services available to you when you List your home with Toni Chiovatero.

Special Listing Services
Toni Chiovatero can make your Listing
stand out w
ith these services:

With a background, degrees and Licenses in Architecture & Interior Design, Toni's level of knowledge about properties is unmatched. She utilizes this background to provide services that most agents do not.

854 Whitehall_Floorplan.png

1. Professionally Drawn Furniture Floor Plans

  • Another way for your home to be "viewed online"

  • Furniture Plans express how large rooms are and what furniture can fit into a space.

  • Furniture Plans show the scale of the rooms and potential circulation patterns. 

Paint Swatches

4. Professionally Curated Paint Color Schemes for Refresh

The last thing you want to do is to paint your home a dated color. Let Toni provide you with a curated palette to blend with your existing finishes for a professionally refreshed space.

Living Room

2. Self Staging Assistance

  • Toni can provide instructions so that you can save money with Self-Staging. Stage your property by yourself with her assistance.

  • Full staging services are also available.

Window Insulation

5. Checklist of Recommendations Report

Toni will conduct a detailed, analysis of the interior and exterior of your property and compile a personalized and prioritized set of recommendations to best get your property ready for market.

Decorated Bedroom

3. Accessory Staging

  • Toni provides Accessory Staging and Furniture Re-Arranging Services to showcase your home's features.

  • Lamps, plants, pillows, objects, artwork and MORE, oh my!

Home Deck and Kitchen

6. Best Features Sheet

Know your competitive edge and communicate it clearly.

What does your property offer that your competition does not?

Toni will find it and market it to its fullest potential.

I challenge you to find another Realtor

who will  perform all of these actions for you!

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